About Despro

Since 1999 creating natural products.

Our Mission is to elaborate, develop and sell proteins and amino acids for balanced animal food formation, from the transformation of slaughterhouses waste, according to the needs of each animal and plant species.

The constant search for new technologies and procedures in order to make more efficient animal feed and create products with even more value.

Our Vision is becoming a fundamental piece in the food chain and lead the development, investigation and commercialization in this area.

Despro S.A. is a company formed in 1999 with the main goal of creating an industry over waste of meat processing stores. After years of experience, Despro, incorporated new technologies that improved on different products and help to create many new ones. This improvement allowed us also to access to new and more sofisticated markets around the globe.

Along the years, the company adapted and developed new products in a constant improvement in order to attend better our clients. This evolution has been possible because of our leadership politics and innovation, for which a big part of our budget is focused, investing in technologies and new production techniques for a constant improvement.