Natural selected products for animal feed and agriculture.

For animals.

Our main products.




For agriculture.

Our main products.

Growth Promoters

Nutritional effect and biostimulant. It provides easily available nitrogen, amino acids, Ca, Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe. Foliar application or irrigation.

Bioroot (Biocides)

Uruguayan MGAP registration number: 3068. Nematicidal action. Contains 4% chitosan. Foliar application or irrigation.


Fungicide action. Defense mechanism stimulator. Contains 1% chitosan and modified lignin phenols. Foliar application or irrigation.

Bioaminoacid (Growth Promoter)

Stimulator of development for indoor plants. Foliar application and irrigation.

Bioaminoacid (Flower Promoter)

Flower promoter. For indoor and outdoor plants. Foliar application and irrigation.

Nutribon (Soil Biocorrector)

Soil biocorrector. Structure + Nutrition